Move to Downtown Nyack

In early 2019 we will be moving Pie Lady & Son to 125 Main St. (next to the Riverspace municipal parking lot) in downtown Nyack.

We will remain open, at our current location on 9W, through Thanksgiving and the rest of 2018.

The future of the property where we are currently located is unclear and beyond our control. In order to ensure that we can continue making our pies available to you uninterrupted we need to be proactive in taking this next step for our business.

We are very grateful to the property owners here, the Village of Upper Nyack and everyone else who has worked with us to create a retail home for our family pie shop for the past eight years. Most of all, we are grateful to you, our loyal customers. You have supported us with your business, your friendship and your encouragement going all the way back to the Pie Lady’s first days in business here in Nyack almost 25 years ago.

We can’t wait to share our new space with you!

Pie Lady Family on steps 1998

Pie Lady Family on steps 2018

FAQ's About the Move

Q: Where is the new location specifically?
A: The address is 125 Main St. Next door to the Riverspace municipal parking lot. It is on the right if you are headed toward the river on Main St. between Franklin St. and Broadway.   

Q: What is the parking situation?
A: Luckily, it is located right next to a large municipal parking lot. Parking in the lot & on Main St. is free before 11am & the meters give a “Free first 15 minutes” the rest of the time.

Q: Will you have more seating?
A: Yes! We will have double the seating capacity of our current location. 

Q: Will the new place be wheelchair accessible?
A: Yes!

Q: Will your hours change?
A: To start, we are going to keep our hours the same: Mon-Sat 7a-7p Sun 8a-6p.

Q: Will you be offering more items at the new place?
A: Yes. We will be expanding our offerings in the new space. We are still making some of those decisions and we’ll make announcements about them once we get closer to opening.  

Q: What date will you move specifically?
A: Exact opening dates are hard to guarantee this far in advance, but we are targeting early January 2019.

Q: Will you still be at your current location for Thanksgiving & Christmas?
A: Yes! We will be open at our current location through the holidays as normal. Nothing will change this year.

Q: Will you be closed for a period of time while you move?
A: Yes, we expect about 2 weeks of down time in January during the transition. 

Q: Will your 9W location remain open after the move?
A: No. This new location will be our only location once it is open.

…If you have any further questions that are not covered here please reach out to us via email and we’ll get right back to you.