Coffee & Espresso

Coffee with your pie? We’ve got the most delicious, freshly roasted coffee and espresso beans from Coffee Labs Roasters in Tarrytown NY! We love being able to see our beans being roasted and carrying our orders back to the pie shop in burlap sacks! We also offer Coffee Labs’ whole coffee beans by the bag! 


Our house blend is the ‘Witches Brew’. It’s a medium-dark roasted blend with notes of marzipan, dark chocolate and vanilla. We love it because it has a very strong flavor without the acidic aftertaste that often follows strong coffees. It is smooth enough to be enjoyed black and robust enough to shine through no matter how much milk is added.  We like to use small pots so we’re constantly we are constantly brewing a fresh batch. That’s often the first thing you smell when you come in the door! 


For our espresso based drinks we use ‘Circus Dog Espresso’ blend. This 2013 winner of America’s Best Espresso is a blend of Indian and South American beans with notes of milk chocolate, walnuts and cherries. This blend is perfect for latte’s and black americanos alike. We offer espresso shots, americanos, lattes, cappuccinos and mochas. We’re also happy to add steamed milk and espresso shots to coffee and tea to build any other drink that suits your fancy. 


Yes, of course we have decaf! Because it’s a little less popular we prefer to make decaf americanos to order rather than having a pot sitting around for two long. For these (and for all of our decaf espresso based drinks) we use ‘Guatemalan Decaf’. This 100% water processed decaf  has notes of dark chocolate and an earthy finish. It’ 99.9% caffeine free.

Hot Chocolate

We make our hot chocolate the old fashioned way with cocoa, sugar and steamed milk! Add a shot or two of espresso to make it a delicious mocha. 

Whole Beans

We sell all three of the coffee and espresso blends we use here in 12 oz bags of whole beans. We’re also happy to grind your beans for you before you go. Just let us know how you brew your coffee at home!