How to Freeze a Homemade Pie (a step by step guide)

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How to Freeze a Homemade Pie We get this question all the time: “Can I freeze a homemade pie?” The answer is Yes! Homemade pies freeze beautifully. Whether you want to bake your pies in advance for a major holiday or family event or you just want save some for later follow this method and you will be thrilled with the results. Here at Pie Lady & Son we bake our pies the same way […]

Strawberry Rhubarb Pies are Here!

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb Pies Are Here!  It’s rhubarb season again and that means it’s time for some of the best pies of the year! Here are the pies we’ve added to our board: Strawberry Rhubarb– A traditional strawberry rhubarb pie. With 1/2 strawberries and 1/2 rhubarb it has the perfect sweet/tart contrast and a pie crust top. Available in 7″ & 10″. Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb– A strawberry Rhubarb pie with a crumb top. Available in 5″ only.   Bumbleberry- A true spring favorite. Bumbleberry […]

Cherry Pies Are Here!

cherry pies

Spring is finally upon us and we have a few updates from the pie shop for you:  Cherry Pies are Here! We’ve added our traditional tart cherry pie to the board (the one with the top crust). We will also have coconut custard and lemon pies available for a little while longer! See Today’s Pies Easter is Coming! This year Easter Sunday is April 16th. We will be open for our normal hours Easter weekend. We will be […]

Pie Lady & Son Featured in Pi Day Article from Hudson Valley Magazine

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Pie for Pi Day Dessert desires by the numbers in the name of our nation’s nerdiest holiday. Published: 02/20/2017 Any mathematician can tell you that March 14 is anything but average — it’s Pi Day! Named for the date’s 3.14 abbreviation, the day was initially celebrated on a large scale in 1988, and has since become heralded by pie-lovers and mathletes alike. To honor the tradition, we asked Wil Tyler, owner of Pie Lady & Son in Nyack, […]

Mother and Son–A Brief History

My son Wil manages our family business–I’m in charge of the pies, but Wil is definitely in charge of the pie shop. He’s so passionate about it in fact, that you might think that when I opened the Pie Kitchen in our home on Burd Street when Wil was ten years old, that he was probably the kind of kid who was in there inventing and creating with flour, sugar, butter, and eggs. He was […]